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Creating Traditions: Celebrating the Changing Seasons with Meaningful Rituals

Creating Traditions: Celebrating the Changing Seasons with Meaningful Rituals

Aug 23, 23

As the golden days of summer start to wane, it's not uncommon to experience what some call the "summertime sadness." The end of summer signals not just a change in the weather but a shift in our routines, habits, and even our emotions. Just like any other season, summer comes with its unique cadence, and as it transitions to autumn, it leaves behind its own set of imprints on our lives. For this blog, we'll delve into the reasons behind the end-of-summer blues and explore how we can embrace these seasonal shifts, navigating the changing tides with grace.

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The Rhythms of Routine Change

Every season has its own rhythms of rest and activity. Embrace the slower pace of autumn, and use it to recharge for the season ahead. Summer is a social season–it’s a time of spending. Spending time, spending energy, spending money. Fall is there to be your reset. Longer days mean shorter nights. With summer's end, we return to a more balanced sleep schedule. Embrace this as an opportunity to rejuvenate and refocus your energy. Make space for your body to fall asleep earlier and be easy on yourself when we inevitably lose an hour on November 5 when Daylight Saving Time ends. But one of the best ways to feel amazing this Fall is to prioritize your sleep schedule – your body and mind will thank you for it.

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The warmer months often usher in lighter, fresher foods. As summer fades, we may find ourselves craving the hearty, warming dishes of fall. Savor these shifts in your diet as a way to celebrate the season's change. Filling up on protein and leaning on leafy green vegetables and seasonal produce can keep our meals interesting. Lean on community spaces like farmers' markets – these are great, active places to meet others and will keep you on your toes as we transition to fall.

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The shift from summer to fall brings a transformation in our physical and inner worlds. The leaves change color, the air becomes crisper, and nature prepares for its own cycle of renewal. Take time to connect with this change by spending time in nature. A brisk morning hike on the weekends can be invigorating. Or, if you’re craving something different, try exploring new indoor workout activities. Hot yoga, pilates, boxing, weight training, squash – whatever suits you. Adapt your workouts to the season and allow yourself to try something new.

Creating Traditions and Relying on the Classics

Mark the transition of seasons by creating traditions that hold meaning for you. Perhaps it's a family hike to see the first leaves change or a quiet evening of reflection as summer turns to autumn. Embrace the longer evenings and the lure of coziness. Perhaps it's the perfect time to dive into a good book, start a home renovation project, or simply revel in more downtime.

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And while you craft new traditions, it’s also comforting to rely on the classics – routine and ritual are there too ground you. Whether it's a favorite book, a cherished family recipe, or a daily meditation practice, these classics provide a reassuring constant amid the flux of changing seasons. Another way to help keep you cozy is by leaning on your favorite pieces. For cooler days and nights, we opt for some of our faves–The Arena Pant, The City Jacket, The Terry Sweatpants–to keep us warm. These pieces were created with these “in-between weather moments” in mind. They layer perfectly with our unis and will absolutely become a staple in your wardrobe. We all have that pair of perfectly lived-in sweatpants. It’s almost time to break those out again.

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In essence, the shift from summer to autumn is not a farewell but a transformation. It's a dance of change and continuity, a reminder that life is a constant ebb and flow. Embrace the shifting rhythms of your routine and welcome the gentle slowing down of pace that autumn brings. The shift from the carefree, social summers to the introspective, restorative days of fall is not to be feared but celebrated. It's an opportunity to recharge, both physically and mentally.

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