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Redefining Luxury: A Life Well-Lived

Redefining Luxury: A Life Well-Lived

Oct 03, 23

As we head into the upcoming recession, the concept of luxury is taking on a new and refreshing meaning. This summer, we’ve been inundated with terms like “quiet luxury” (a la Sophia Richie Grainge). Social media exalts a particular lifestyle and version of “success” that can leave many feeling isolated and inadequate. Performing a lifestyle comes at a cost to our financial and mental well-being. It’s time to detach ourselves from the purely materialistic notion of luxury and focus on what truly enhances our lives. Luxury should be deeply personal; it’s about the experiences and values we hold dear.

Historically, luxury has been attributed to objects and things, but it’s time to shift our focus to the values we choose to live by. Luxury encompasses the things that bring us genuine happiness, which goes far beyond the acquisition of material goods. It’s about recognizing that luxury can ebb and flow based on the circumstances in our lives. It’s less about one fleeting moment or one extravagant purchase and more about how we choose to live our lives cumulatively.

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In the face of economic uncertainty, it’s crucial to reevaluate our priorities. More is not always better. As a small brand – we navigate this tension daily. Growth at all costs is no guarantee of happiness or longevity. The success we seek as a brand is personal, and we do our best to communicate this in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. We believe that luxury is defined by substance. We’re seeking a life filled with the beauty of everyday experiences and soul-filling activities. In rejecting status or excess, we achieve mental clarity that can guide us, both personally and professionally. It’s about grounding ourselves in our values and ethos, especially when times get tough.

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Being able to say “no” when needed, rather than succumbing to constant desires, is a powerful mindset shift. It’s about embracing quality consumption in our everyday lives. Luxury can be finding time for a 15-30 minute workout, a 20-minute meditation session, or a 30-minute bike ride as temperatures cool. It’s choosing an hour-long walk with a friend over a costly dinner, or a long phone call during your downtime. In recognizing that true luxury is in the positive ways we redefine our lives, we can give ourselves a sense of security independent of our circumstances.

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The upcoming recession and holiday season can feel heavy, but it can also be a time to hone in on the things that truly ground us and provide value. For some, luxury will mean ample time with friends and family. For others, it’s focusing on growing your business, learning new skills, or professional growth. Collectively, we’re beginning to understand that luxury isn’t about possessions; it’s about living a life enriched by simple things that can’t be quantified.. It’s about finding moments of joy in a swim, the comfort of fresh sheets, and the rejuvenation of self-care. Luxury is about the positive enhancements in life that don’t require extravagant spending, but leave an exponential impact. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on what makes life truly luxurious and commit to living that way, regardless of the economic climate.

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Wear One’s At


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