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Our Playground

Our Playground

Apr 04, 23

Like many emerging out of our post-pandemic cocoon, we’re wondering – how can we introduce ourselves to our dramatically changed world? Even though 2020 brought on a period of stillness and retreat, we still grew, changed, and shifted perspectives. What worked for us pre-pandemic may not resonate with us now. Who else has reorganized their home, purged their closet, or started a new hobby in the last three years? Yep, us too. For our 2023 emergence, we’ve put all that new new energy into our physical space. Welcome to THE STUDIO.

Image from the WOA Studio of a desk and work station

Like many of the DTC brands of the 2010s and beyond, we were born online. The internet has been our playground and showroom since 2020. This has served us well – we have customers all over the world, and we were able to stay connected and pivot when the world shut down. But by the end of 2022, we made the shift to imagining what Wear One’s At could really look like.

When you’re an online-born brand like us, creating a physical manifestation of your brand deepens the expression and development of its visual identity.

We had to grapple with:

  1. What colors represent us?
  2. What furniture and decor convey the WOA spirit?
  3. How can we demonstrate our brand values through our space?

Wear One's At Studio in New York Image of Bulletin Board and Work Area

We knew we wanted to create a functional showroom that could foster community, invoke play, and be a source of inspiration for ourselves and others. We wanted more space to design and create but also to get inspired and meet new people. Frankly, we’ve been craving that face time with our community after 2+ years inside. Monthly workout sessions with our founder (who just so happens to be a certified personal trainer!), community get-togethers, exclusive sample sales, happy hours, and exclusive merch are just a few ways we’re creating something special over at HQ.

Image of WOA Studio in New York City of clothes on a rolling rack

The last few months of building and rebuilding our physical space have reiterated the importance of letting our personality and priorities shape our design strategy. When your surroundings become a literal manifestation of who you are, there’s a deep sense of alignment that makes it easier to tap into your best self. If you’re in a space of rebirth this year, start by reimagining your physical space. How can you integrate your personality into all the places you call yours? Color theory is a great place to start. Do you want to feel bright and energized? Creative? Zen? There are tones and textures that can help you achieve your design goals. And while we may be a bit biased, incorporating spaces for movement will only elevate your surroundings! This could look like a cozy meditation corner or a simple space for your yoga mat to rest. We promise that setting aside a corner of your room to be your movement haven will reward you.

You don’t need to hate moving your body. In fact, for the next month, try substituting terms like exercise, fitness, and working out for daily activity or intuitive movement instead. See what happens when you retrain your mindset to form new relationships to moving the body.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, come by the studio! If you’ve made it this far in the blog, thank you for being a dedicated reader. You get early access to our very first event at the WOA Studio. RSVP and let’s get together!

WOA Happy Hour

Hosted by WOA Founder, Jilliann Schembri

Drinks, music, & shopping!

Saturday, April 29 | 6-9pm

Where: WOA Studio (location provided via RSVP confirmation)


Take Care,
Wear One’s At


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