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Back to Basics

Back to Basics

Jan 24, 23

We did it! Almost one month into our fresh start. This year we’re welcoming 2023 with a slow, warm beginning. In a time where we’re bombarded with messaging around “new year, new me,” it’s a time to hold on tight and stay grounded in all we know to be true.

At Wear One’s At, we knew we wanted to begin our third year as a brand by introducing IN GOOD HEALTH, our new blog dedicated to you all, our community. We craved a space for deeper conversation with our audience — somewhere unimpeded by algorithms, highlight reels, and performance metrics. Where could we go and get back to basics? The answer is right here on the WOA dot com! If you’ve been eager to dive deeper into the Wear One’s At community, then this is your chance.

I founded Wear One’s At because I felt a void within the industry. As long as I can remember, the activewear category has been based off of a hyper-aesthetic-driven mindset. The “get fit fast” approach invites scarcity and comparison into what should be deeply personal and fulfilling to you. When did we forget how good it feels just to move for movement’s sake? After all, Wear One’s At is all about the foundation of movement: the practice of integrating mindful, joyful movement into daily life.

My approach to creating Wear One’s At is not dissimilar to my approach as a personal trainer and designer. Longevity and ease are at the core of everything we do. You see this through the timelessness of our designs and the uncomplicated nature of our clothing — basically, our pieces get better and better with every wear.

Here you won’t find us promoting every workout trend to hit the mainstream or claiming any approach to be a miracle-worker. We’re much more concerned with the holistic approach to everyday activity:

  1. Creating Habits that Actually feel good
  2. How do you feel when you move? Could you feel better?
  3. Perspective on what it means to be movement minded
  4. What are you missing in your day-to-day movement practice?
  5. Prioritizing your health and well being in 2023
  6. I know movement is good for me- but why?

We created IN GOOD HEALTH to have deeper conversations around movement and the lifestyle that supports it. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we do have an innate sense of curiosity. This is the through-line of the brand — the invisible string that connects every part of our brand ethos. IN GOOD HEALTH is all about four key pillars: the mind. the body. the process. the space.

2023’s biggest buzzword is community and we’re all in. We’re trading online interactions for IRL connection (this means studio visits, community events, and more WOA workouts all year!) If you’ve ever wanted to see the entire Wear One’s At collection in person (plus some archival pieces from our early days) then we invite you to follow along as we grow our little corner of the internet.

This year, our goal as a brand is clear — to get offline and get the face time we all desperately need! We want to see Wear One’s At on real people in all its unique glory. We’re craving new energy in the movement space and trust that we’ll get there together. The power of connection is real and as a pandemic-born brand, we don’t take it for granted. So here’s to another year of moving: intentionally and on our own time. We can’t wait to see what this year brings.

Take Care,
Jilliann Schembri
Founder of Wear One’s At


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    brody -

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    BRIE -

  • You got me up and moving! Well Done!!

    Jessica -

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